The Pierre Coupet Motivational Hour

The Motivational Hour Overview

We all have dreams, goals, and ambitions but, when it comes to execution, someway and somehow things don’t quite work out just the way we planned them.   What we do afterward is what really matters because that’s what eventually determines what kind of life we’re going to have from that point on.

Every Sunday,  Pierre Coupet will explore one of the numerous challenges and opportunities that we all face and attempt to provide you with some insight into:

  • how we can turn these challenges into opportunities;
  • how to recognize opportunities disguised as challenges or disasters–and how to grab and not let go of them;
  • how to recognize wolves dressed in sheep clothing and disasters disguised as opportunities–and how to walk away from them;
  • and how to make our own destiny. 

Whether you’re already super rich from a material standpoint; or a very famous or infamous personality; or you’re penniless and in total distress,  you’re bound to walk away with a new and different perspective on whatever it is that you’re currently seeking a solution to.

2019 Sunday Show Schedule

(Coming soon)